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Harriet Hamilton King, a deeply religious woman, published primarily during the second half of the nineteenth century and focused many of her writings on her lifelong passions: the struggle for Italian nationalism and the revolutionary figures behind the movement. Her principal genre was poetry, of which she produced seven volumes, some appearing in more than ten editions. She also wrote biographical works on her idol and beloved friend, Giuseppe Mazzini.
10 February 1840 Harriet Eleanor Baillie Hamilton, later King, was born in Edinburgh. Bibliographic Citation link.
Around 1859 HHK began work on her first significant poem, "The Execution of Felice Orsini", which paid homage to the Italian nationalist movement.  Bibliographic Citation link.
1 December 1873 HHK published The Disciples (written at the request of Mazzini, who had died the previous year), a five-part historical and political poem about the struggle for a unified Italian Republic. Bibliographic Citation link.
January 1913 HHK's final publication, her controversial essay "The Religion of Mazzini", appeared in the Dublin Review. Bibliographic Citation link.
1920 After suffering from "sustained periods of serious illness" Bibliographic Citation link. for at least eight years, HHK died. Bibliographic Citation link.
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