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Maria Theresa Kemble was an actress and playwright who began her acting career in London at the age of eight and her public career as a writer just before the dawn of the nineteenth century. She wrote and published comedies in which she often played the leading role. She also wrote to a newspaper to defend herself against plagiarism charges.
17 January 1775 Maria Theresa De Camp (later Kemble) was born in Vienna, into a French family of musicians and dancers. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
3 May 1799 MTK's first play, the five-act comedy "First Faults", had its single performance (a benefit), at Drury Lane. Bibliographic Citation link.
12 December 1815 MTK appeared in her dramatic comedy Smiles and Tears; or, The Widow's Stratagem. Bibliographic Citation link.
3 September 1838 MTK died at Addlestone near Chertsey, just outside London. Bibliographic Citation link.
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