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After her mid-nineteenth-century career as an opera singer ended at her marriage, Adelaide Kemble published a novel and a collection of stories. She left for posthumous publication another incomplete novel, two biographical memoirs, and some poetry. She also wrote letters, diaries, and many unpublished or uncollected songs.
6 November 1815 AK was born at Covent Garden Chambers in London, the youngest of five children (one of whom died young). Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
By 27 July 1867 AK published, under her married name of 'A. Sartoris', her best-known work, the novel A Week in a French Country-House. Bibliographic Citation link.
4 August 1879 AK died at Warsash House in the village of Warsash, at the mouth of the Hamble River in Hampshire, a property of the Sartoris family which was demolished during the twentieth century. Bibliographic Citation link.
1880 The year after AK's death her daughter, May E. Gordon, put out two volumes by her mother entitled Past Hours: these reprint the contents of Medusa, and Other Tales, with significant additions. Bibliographic Citation link.
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