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The writing style of Claire Keegan, contemporary Irish short-story writer, is minimalist, and she does not often discuss her process, giving "a definite sense that she would prefer not to have to comment on her work at all". Bibliographic Citation link. She has been compared stylistically to Ernest Hemingway, particularly in her preference for leaving much unmentioned, and has said that "a lot of my work goes into taking any traces of my labours out." Bibliographic Citation link. She believes that the "work . . . is its own explanation." Bibliographic Citation link. She prefers the short story genre.
1968 Claire Keegan was born in County Wicklow, Ireland, which is part of the ancient province of Leinster. She is the youngest of a large Roman Catholic family. Bibliographic Citation link.
23 August 1999 CK's first book, Antarctica, a collection of short stories, was published in the USA. Bibliographic Citation link.
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