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Sarah Kane, whose brief life occupied the last quarter of the twentieth century, left (besides monologues) five full-length plays which explore a nightmarish world of violence and sexual brutality. They provoked a strong visceral response through their stark representation of horror and degradation. Some years after her death Sarah Kane was far more popular and respected among producers, audiences, and critics in Europe than in Britain.
3 February 1971 SK was born in Essex, one of two children (she had a brother). Bibliographic Citation link.
1994 SK's first play, Blasted, appeared in print with plays by Karen Hope, David Spencer, and Rod Williams in the second number of a Methuen drama series, Frontline Intelligence: New Plays for the Nineties, edited by Pamela Edwardes; it was reprinted with Kane's next play, Phaedra's Love, in 1996. Bibliographic Citation link.
12 January 1995 SK's first play, Blasted, opened at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs in London. Its raw violence and brutality provoked extreme responses from audiences and critics. Bibliographic Citation link.
May 1996 SK's Phaedra's Love was first performed at "the tiny and underfunded" Bibliographic Citation link. Gate Theatre at Notting Hill, which had commissioned it by asking for an adaptation of a European classic. Bibliographic Citation link.
20 February 1999 SK committed suicide by hanging herself in a mental hospital. She was twenty-eight. Bibliographic Citation link.
23 June 2000 SK's last play, 4.48 Psychosis, which has been described as her "70 minute suicide note," Bibliographic Citation link. was performed posthumously at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs. Bibliographic Citation link.
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