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Maria Jane Jewsbury, born in 1800, was a poet, novelist, reviewer, travel writer, children's writer, and essayist. Before her death at the age of thirty-three, she published a two-volume collection of fiction, essays, and poetry, as well as another volume of poetry and volume of fiction. Widely published in periodicals and annuals, she wrote a collection of letters intended for young readers, as well as many reviews and essays for the Athenæum.
25 October 1800 MJJ was born at Measham in Derbyshire. Bibliographic Citation link.
Spring 1818 At the age of eighteen, MJJ published her first work, the poem "Curiosity and Scandal", in the Coventry Herald. Bibliographic Citation link.
April 1830 MJJ published a volume of novellas entitled The Three Histories; many reflect the conflict between her role as writer and that prescribed for women. Bibliographic Citation link.
27 August 1831 The Athenæum published MJJ's essay on the literary career of Jane Austen, thought to be the first substantial, formal, printed comment on her work by a woman. Bibliographic Citation link.
4 October 1833 MJJ died of cholera at Poona in India, fourteen months after her marriage. Bibliographic Citation link.
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