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Mary Anne Jevons, the elder came from a literary family and was encouraged to write from an early age. Having begun by editing a collection of her family's poetry, she went on during the early and mid nineteenth century to publish volumes of poetry on her own (largely religious), as well as verse in annuals. She edited one of these, The Sacred Offering.
5 August 1795 Mary Anne Roscoe (later Jevons) was born in Liverpool, the eldest daughter in her family. Bibliographic Citation link.
1817-1819 Mary Anne Roscoe (later Jevons) kept a literary diary during these years, recording her daily studies and earliest attempts at poetry. Bibliographic Citation link.
1845 In the same year as her death, Mary Anne Jevons, as 'Mrs Thomas Jevons', published her final volume, Sonnets, and Other Poems, Chiefly Devotional. Bibliographic Citation link.
13 November 1845 Mary Anne Jevons died in the home of her brother Richard at 37 Alfred Place, Bloomsbury. Bibliographic Citation link.
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