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F. Tennyson Jesse, one of the few women journalists to report from the Front in the First World War, also published in a wide range of genres. Bibliographic Citation link. She wrote seven plays of her own and collaborated on additional plays with her husband. She also published nine novels, three collections of short stories, two volumes of poetry, two collections of letters, a translation from French, and a history of Burma. As writer of crime and detective fiction, she also produced a book of criminology and edited and introduced six volumes in the Notable British Trials series.
1 March 1888 Wynifried Margaret Jesse (who later wrote as FTJ) was born at Holly Bowers, Chislehurst, Kent. Bibliographic Citation link.
1934 FTJ published with Heinemann what is probably her best-known work: the novel A Pin to See the Peepshow. Bibliographic Citation link.
20 September 1956 FTJ's next and final novel, The Dragon in the Heart, A Love Story, was published by Constable. Bibliographic Citation link.
6 August 1958 FTJ died, most likely of a heart attack, in London at the age of seventy. Bibliographic Citation link.
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