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Storm Jameson was a prolific novelist with an intense commitment to political causes, especially pacifism, anti-fascism, artistic freedom, and various women's issues. Her fiction is generally thought of as realist or materialist in its techniques, and often draws liberally on fact (from her own life, historical events, and characteristics of actual people), though she experimented with its shape and matter more often than has been recognised. She also wrote political and polemical non-fiction, journalism, essays, literary criticism, and autobiography.
8 January 1891 Margaret Ethel Jameson (later SJ) was born at Whitby in North Yorkshire. Bibliographic Citation link.
20 March 1913 SJ first reached print with an essay on G. B. Shaw, published in the New Age. Bibliographic Citation link.
May 1945 SJ published The Journal of Mary Hervey Russell, which she ranked among her strongest fiction and called a "partly autobiographical book." Bibliographic Citation link.
1979 At the age of eighty-eight SJ published her last book, Speaking of Stendhal, a chiefly biographical study of the French novelist . Bibliographic Citation link.
30 September 1986 SJ died in Cambridge at the age of ninety-five; late in her life she had developed Alzheimer's disease. Bibliographic Citation link.
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