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During the 1790s and the early nineteenth century, Maria Elizabetha Jacson published three works about "Linnean botany and plant physiology" Bibliographic Citation link. (the first of them designed expressly for the instruction of children) and one about gardening.
1755 MEJ was born, probably at Bebington in Cheshire, youngest but one in a family of five surviving children (out of eight). Bibliographic Citation link.
1797 In the year that her sister Frances published her second novel, Maria Jacson issued her first, anonymous scientific text: Botanical Dialogues, Between Hortensia and Her Four Children, Charles, Harriet, Juliette and Henry. Bibliographic Citation link.
1816 MEJ issued with Henry ColburnThe Florist's Manual; or, Hints for the Construction of a Gay Flower Garden, the only one of her books to go into a third edition. Again she published with mention of previous titles and used her initials, though not on the title-page. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
10 October 1829 Maria Jacson (botanical writer and sister of novelist Frances Jacson) died of a fever while on a visit at Astle Hall, Chelford, Cheshire. Bibliographic Citation link.
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