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Catherine Hutton was a woman of letters publishing in the early nineteenth century. She began early to write letters and journals; she edited her father's autobiography and his local history, as well as a book of travels; she projected an unprecedented illustrated history of costume and a biographical history of English queens; and she published essays and criticism for magazines. Her three novels combine fine character-drawing and observation of social nuance with the same kind of non-fictional writing that fills her periodical pieces.
11 February 1756 CH was born, prematurely. According to her father, she "was perhaps the smallest human being ever seen," and at a month old she would have fitted in his pocket. Bibliographic Citation link.
By early 1805 CH was well advanced in her project for the world's first illustrated history of costume. Bibliographic Citation link.
13 March 1846 CH died, aged ninety, eight months after the death of her brother and three months after becoming paralysed. Bibliographic Citation link.
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