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Lucy Hutchinson has been long known as the author of memoirs of her husband which are also a significant historical account of the Englich Civil War. Her petitions and religious writings were also known, though less read than the memoir. With the late-twentieth-century appearance in print of further works (original poems, and verse translations or paraphrases from Lucretius and from the Bible), she is beginning to assume the appearance of a major poet.
29 January 1620 Lucy Apsley, later LH, was born at the Tower of London, first daughter in a family which had five children surviving, and was to have six more (but only one more survivor). Bibliographic Citation link.
1637 Lucy Apsley (later LH), still in her teens, was already composing songs. Bibliographic Citation link.
Between 1665 and July 1671 LH wrote her finished version of her Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson during these years soon after his death, completing it while his associate Colonel John Wright was still in prison. Bibliographic Citation link.
1679 Order and Disorder; or, The World Made and Undone, an anonymous poem based on the book of Genesis which has now been convincingly ascribed to LH, appeared in print at London. Bibliographic Citation link.
October 1681 LH died at past sixty. Bibliographic Citation link.
By December 1806 LH's life of her husband was at last published, by her great-great-grandson Julius Hutchinson, about 140 years after she wrote it, as the Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson. Bibliographic Citation link.
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