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Catherine Hubback, a niece of Jane Austen, began her publishing career in the mid nineteenth century with her completed version of a novel left unfinished by her famous aunt, of whom she also wrote reminiscences. Her own novels are competent and conventional, vehicles of an explicitly and emphatically Christian message. They are, however, the very reverse of the kind of fiction that Austen advised for her younger relations, with their reliance on arbitrary plot twists (especially threat to life and limb), and the way their religious feeling dwells on death and the future life rather than this one.
7 July 1818 Catherine Anne Austen (later CH) was born at Chawton House in Hampshire; she was a fourth daughter, far down among a family of eleven brothers and sisters. Bibliographic Citation link.
1850 CH published her first book, a novel entitled The Younger Sister, which recapitulates and completes her aunt Jane Austen's unfinished, unpublished early novel "The Watsons". Bibliographic Citation link.
By 14 March 1863 CH issued the last of her ten novels, The Mistakes of a Life. Bibliographic Citation link.
25 February 1877 CH died of pneumnia at the age of nearly sixty in Virginia, USA, where she was living aith her third son, Charles. Bibliographic Citation link.
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