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Anna Mary Howitt was connected on the one hand with the social and publishing circles of her parents, the hard-working pillars of the London literary establishment, and on the other hand with a group of forward-looking, feminist women of her own age. She was most productive, both as writer and painter, during the 1850s. Her pictures included delicate landscapes and ambitious history paintings. Her written output runs the gamut through journalism, translation, letters, poetry, a travel book, children's stories, and memoirs.
15 January 1824 AMH was born, the first child of writers Mary and William Howitt to be delivered alive, though Mary had been four times pregnant since her marriage in 1821. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 14 May 1853 Anna Mary Howitt published An Art-Student in Munich, written on the advice of her mother, Mary Howitt, and of Elizabeth Gaskell. Bibliographic Citation link.
1883 Anna Mary Howitt (now Watts) published with the Psychological Press of London a composite volume entitled The Pioneers of the Spiritual Reformation, containing the "Life and Works of Dr. Justinus Kerner", and "William Howitt and his Work for Spiritualism". Bibliographic Citation link.
23 July 1884 Anna Mary Watts (formerly AMH) died of diptheria at Dietenheim in Germany. Bibliographic Citation link.
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