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Susanna Hopton's intense involvement in the religious controversies of the later seventeenth century led her to study, write, and publish texts both theological and devotional, often adapting Roman Catholic sources to make them usable by Anglicans. She habitually submitted her work for the approval of male friends, and accepted prefatory material from them. Bibliographic Citation link. There has been much debate and disagreement over her canon, and her authorship or compilation of several texts is still not finally settled.
By 27 October 1627 Susanna Harvey (later Hopton) was born: she was baptised on this day at the church of St-Martin-in-the-Fields in London. Bibliographic Citation link.
1700 SH's revised or 'reformed' version of John Austin's popular Roman Catholic Devotions in the Ancient Way of Offices, 1668, was published through George Hickes. Austin concealed himself under the name of 'William Birchley'. Bibliographic Citation link.
12 July 1709 SH died at her house in Hereford at about two in the afternoon, "of a very sharp Feavour."  Bibliographic Citation link.
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