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A seventeenth-century woman who used the familiar letter as an instrument both for religious understanding and for taking control of her own life, Catherine Holland is known as a convent autobiographer. She also wrote other texts, few of which have survived: translated biographies, religious analysis of various kinds, and perhaps poetry.
1637 CH was born, one of eleven children. Bibliographic Citation link.
20 September 1664 CH, as a nun of hardly two weeks' standing, began writing the story of her conversion, "by the order of her confessor." Bibliographic Citation link.  Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
6 January 1720 CH died in her convent, the Nazareth Monastery in Bruges. Bibliographic Citation link.
1925 CH's autobiography first saw print in abridged form, more than two centuries after her death, in Catherine S. Durrant's A Link Between Flemish Mystics and English Martyrs. Bibliographic Citation link.
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