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The first published work of Margaret Holford (whose mother was a writer bearing the same name) was an extended oriental tale in prose, which has often been ascribed to the mother instead of the daughter. The younger Margaret (who continued writing under her married name of Hodson) is best remembered as a poet (she won rather short-lived fame with the romantic narrative poem Wallace). She also published a novel, some translations, and religious writings only recently identified, and wrote a tragedy which remained unacted and unprinted. Long after her fame had ebbed, she persisted in efforts to make a literary comeback.
Before 1 June 1778 Margaret Holford the younger was born at Chester, the eldest of four daughters. This was the date on which she was christened after her mother. Bibliographic Citation link.
Before August 1798 The first published work by Margaret Holford the younger was almost certainly the anonymous Calaf, a Persian Tale in two volumes, written, it says, at seventeen. Bibliographic Citation link.
1809 Margaret Holford the younger scored her greatest success with her anonymous: Wallace, or, The Fight of Falkirk, a historical verse romance inspired by Walter Scott's Marmion, 1808. Bibliographic Citation link.
11 September 1852 Margaret Hodson (formerly Holford) died at an address in Plantation Terrace at Dawlish in Devon. Bibliographic Citation link.
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