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It is fair to say that the fame of Margaret Hoby's diary rests less on its literary qualities than on its early date: no women's diary in English is known to precede it. It is a religious as well as a practical record. Though her interest in writing was not literary, Margaret Hoby was a skilful user of words: she wrote letters and abridgements of sermons.
Shortly before 10 February 1571 Margaret Dakins (later MH) was born, an only child; she was christened on this day at Wintringham in Yorkshire.  Bibliographic Citation link.
9 August 1599 MH began her diary, one of the earliest known in a European vernacular language, and the first extant one by an Englishwoman. The manuscript, probably incomplete, covers six years of her life. Bibliographic Citation link.
21 July 1605 MH wrote for the last time in her surviving diary. Bibliographic Citation link.
4 September 1633 Margaret, Lady Hoby, died at Hackness in Yorkshire at the age of sixty-two. Bibliographic Citation link.
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