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Rose Hickman was an earnest and committed Protestant during the sixteenth century's religious conflicts. She is remembered for the account she wrote down (in 1610 at the age of eighty-four) of her life. It is personal and also historical, relating her religious beliefs and their doctrinal foundations, and the practical problems they brought for her family's domestic and business life. It is quite possible that she left other writings, but they seem not to have survived. Bibliographic Citation link.
26 December 1526 RH was born in London as Rose Locke or Lok, the third of her Protestant parents' eleven children. Bibliographic Citation link.
1610 Calling herself, correctly, by her later married name of Rose Throckmorton, the eighty-four-year-old RH sat down to pen her memoirs or family history, which her relations later entitled Certaine old storyes recorded by an aged gentlewoman a littel before her death to be perused by her children and posterity. Bibliographic Citation link.
21 November 1613 RH died in London at the age of eighty-six, nearly thirty years after her second husband's death. Bibliographic Citation link.
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