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Though, as a woman, she worked behind the scenes (not in parliament but through print and private direct action) Elizabeth Heyrick of Leicester was a major, under-recognised figure in the campaign for the abolition of the slave trade. Her pamphlet publications address war, cruelty to animals, workers' wages, prison reform, and other social and political topics as well as abolition. Her political thinking on many points startlingly anticipates later socialist positions. She also published lessons for children and a conduct book. The first of these is the genre in which, in the early nineteenth century, her writing career began. Though her sister knew of only sixteen of her pamphlets, the count has since risen steeply. But their unavailability in major reference libraries has hampered recognition of her. Bibliographic Citation link.
4 December 1769 Elizabeth Coltman (later EH) was born in Leicester. Bibliographic Citation link.
1800 EH published with her birth initials (as 'E*** C****') Instructive Hints, in Easy Lessons for Children, with Darton, Harvey and Darton. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
Before December 1824 EH published anonymously at Leicester the first edition of her most famous pamphlet, Immediate, Not Gradual, Abolition. Bibliographic Citation link.
18 October 1831 EH died. The cause was said to be a ruptured blood vessel, though it may have been a stroke or a bleeding ulcer. Bibliographic Citation link.
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