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Lady Lucy Herbert was a Roman Catholic who became a prioress and published at least three devotional works during the early eighteenth century. She may also have written advice on teaching in the convent.
1668 or 1669 LLH was born at the fortified stronghold of Powis Castle in Montgomeryshire, the youngest but one of a large and distinguished Roman Catholic family.  Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
1722 Several Excellent Methods of Hearing Mass, the earliest book generally recognised as by LLH, was published at Bruges. Long after her death this became part two of The Devotions of the Lady Lucy Herbert of Powis, 1873. Bibliographic Citation link.
1743 The year before LLH died another volume of her religious writing, Several Methods and Practises of Devotions, was issued at Bruges. In due course this became part one of her collected Devotions in 1873. Bibliographic Citation link.
19 January 1744 Mother Teresa Joseph (LLH) died at her convent, that of the English Augustinians at Bruges. Bibliographic Citation link.
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