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As a novelist (beginning anonymously in the late eighteenth century with a string of novels only recently identified as hers, and still publishing—under her name—forty years later), Laetitia-Matilda Hawkins is always didactic. But while some of her early works treat improbable, often exotic adventures (including clumsy and sensationalized but interesting and unusual treatment of matters involving the female body) her later fiction often sounds as if her goal is opinion-forming rather than story-telling: as if essays (like the sermonets she published with her brother) might have been her natural talent. She also produced translation, travel writing, and a devotional compilation, and as a memoirist she gives full rein to her highly individualised views.
Shortly before 8 August 1759 LMH was born in London, second of three surviving children. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
1780 LMH published an anonymous novel, she said, to raise funds for "a whim of girlish patronage"; she said she knew no "honest means" Bibliographic Citation link. of making money.
1824 LMH followed up the success of her first book of reminiscences with two, more personal, volumes: Memoirs, Anecdotes, Facts and Opinions. Bibliographic Citation link.
1824-7 LMH kept a "Travelling Diary" during her rambles around England and Wales. Bibliographic Citation link.
22 November 1835 LMH died at Twickenham after another long illness. Bibliographic Citation link.
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