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Jane Harvey became in 1794 an early and unusual practitioner of the new genre of the guidebook. As a poet she begins in introspection and expands to consider, in briskly colloquial style, such topics as political controversies and new inventions like the railway. As a novelist she veers with the winds of fashion, but handles her themes with unfailing intelligence. In the earlier novels especially, the central love-story is upstaged by colourful minor characters and frequently by accompanying feminist analysis as well.
Probably just before 8 July 1771 JH was born at Gateshead, County Durham (just south of Newcastle upon Tyne). Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
7 May 1793 JH dated her "Epistle to a Young Lady", in which she despairs of politics and resolves to write about the spring season instead. Bibliographic Citation link.
1794 JH published by subscription at Newcastle, as 'a young Lady', A Sentimental Tour through Newcastle: an early guidebook. Bibliographic Citation link.
2 March 1840 JH wrote "Conclusion", a poem to close her last volume. She says the lyre is falling from her hand: "my devious gleaning task is done." Bibliographic Citation link.
1841 JH published at Newcastle a little book of poetry entitled Fugitive Pieces. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
4 March 1848 JH died at Newcastle upon Tyne, in her later seventies. Bibliographic Citation link.
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