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Brilliana, Lady Harley is remembered for her letters, written to her husband and son during a period of nearly twenty years in the mid seventeenth century. She also made translations, chiefly of religious texts, and kept a commonplace-book along similar lines.
Probably 1598 Brilliana Conway (later BLH) was born at Brill in Holland, the second daughter in her family of six children who survived. (Most sources give a later date.) Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
9 October 1643 Brilliana, Lady Harley, wrote her last surviving letter to her son only a few days before she died. She mentioned her bad cold, and hoped that God would restore her health, "for it is an ill time to be sike in." Bibliographic Citation link.
After 9 October 1643 Brilliana, Lady Harley, died of her "very greate coold" (which was probably pneumonia) only days after the end of the siege that made her famous. Bibliographic Citation link.
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