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Susannah Gunning began in the mid eighteenth century, at an early age, as a mediocre sentimental novelist: snobbish, stylistically over-elaborate, centring her plots on wished-for ascent to the nobility, and addressing the reader with girlish coyness. Her later work, produced after a silence of years, is more confident, relaxed, and inventive. She also wrote poetry. Her coded writings about her tortured family relationships, though marred by over-writing, provide a fascinating picture of the conflicts resulting from upward mobility in a tightly stratified society.
Probably by 1740 Susannah Minifie (later SG) was born in Somerset, perhaps at Fairwater House near Taunton, in her father's parish of Staplegrove, or perhaps away from home. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
By August 1763 Susannah Minifie (later SG) collaborated with her sister Margaret Minifie in a sentimental epistolary novel, The Histories of Lady Frances S— and Lady Caroline S—: three volumes appeared this year. Bibliographic Citation link.
28 August 1800 SG died in Down Street, London. Bibliographic Citation link.
By August 1802 SG's final work, The Heir Apparent, A Novel, was posthumously published with her daughter's revision and additions. Bibliographic Citation link.
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