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Elizabeth Gunning published, mostly during the later eighteenth century, a number of novels (including the one of her late mother's which she finished), translations, a children's book, and two unacted plays. Many appeared before her marriage, and there has been some confusion with her mother's work. Both Gunnings are acutely class-conscious, centring many plots on wished-for ascent to the nobility (whose vices as a class they nevertheless strongly condemn): a motif which Elizabeth Gunning neatly reverses in her last.
1769 EG, an only child, was born in London. Bibliographic Citation link.
By June 1794 EG published at London and Dublin her first work, The Packet, A Novel, in four volumes, as "Miss Gunning" (the form she continued to use). Bibliographic Citation link.
1815 The last novel by Elizabeth Plunkett née Gunning came out under two titles—The Man of Fashion, A Tale of Modern Times and The Victims of Seduction; or, Memoirs of a Man of Fashion, A Tale of Modern Times. Bibliographic Citation link.
20 July 1823 Mrs Plunkett, formerly EG, died at Melford House, Long Melford, Suffolk, "after a severe illness." Bibliographic Citation link.
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