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Elizabeth Grymeston's single printed book was published as Miscelanea. Meditations. Memoratives in 1604, shortly after her death. It has been seen as a conduct or religious advice book, a collection of essays, or a 'mother's legacy'. Whatever its genre, it is an important text.
Before 1563 Elizabeth Bernye, who later published as EG, was born, probably in her father's home county of Norfolk, the fifth but not the youngest child of her parents. Bibliographic Citation link.
1604 EG's Miscelanea. Meditations. Memoratives was posthumously published, bearing her name, with a dedicatory letter from someone called William Smith addressed to someone who shared the author's first and last names, and was therefore perhaps her sister-in-law. Bibliographic Citation link.
1604 EG was dead by the time her book was published, although she was not much past forty years old and seems to have been alive in 1601 (since some of its contents are based on a text printed that year). Bibliographic Citation link.
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