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Maria Grey wrote during the second half of the nineteenth century. Her early productions were literary: she collaborated with her sister on a narrative and a novel, and then produced a second novel independently. Her later writings were political, arguing the need for improvements to women's education, as well as addressing issues relating to the suffrage movement. Through her writings and through direct action, Maria Grey worked to ensure an improvement in opportunities for women's education.
7 March 1816 Maria Shirreff (later Grey) was born the third of four surviving daughters; her two brothers had died during childhood. Bibliographic Citation link.
1897 MG wrote a memoir of her sister entitled Memorials of E. A. E. Shirreff, with a Sketch of Her Life, which was privately printed. Bibliographic Citation link.
19 September 1906 MG died after living as an invalid for eighteen years. Bibliographic Citation link.
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