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Catherine Maria Grey was a popular silver-fork novelist, most commonly known as 'Mrs. Grey' to her readers. Her works are often misattributed to her daughter Anna Maria Grey, or to the unrelated Maria Georgina Grey (1816-1906). What's more, Catherine Maria Grey's work has been even more confusingly ascribed to a completely fabricated 'Mrs. Grey' since at least the 1920s, when independent scholar Andrew de Ternant invented her life and bibliography in a letter to Notes and Queries, identifying 'Mrs Grey' as one 'Elizabeth Caroline Grey', née Duncan. Elizabeth Caroline Grey is now considered to be non-existent as such, apparently a mix of Catherine Maria Grey, Maria Grey (1816-1906), and James Malcolm Rymer (1814-84). Patrick Spedding assigns to her twenty-one novels published between 1831 and 1864, plus a handful which she 'edited' or may have been concerned with. Bibliographic Citation link. Helen Smith urges scholars to pay some attention to the actual novelist who was buried under misinformation: "it is certainly time to give Catherine Maria Grey due recognition." Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
1798 Catherine Maria Grindall (later Grey) was born at Calcutta in India. Bibliographic Citation link.
1831 CMG's Alice Seymour: A Tale, a single-volume, didactic silver fork novel published as 'Mrs Grey' and aimed at younger readers, marked the beginning of her writing career. Bibliographic Citation link.
By November 1844 The Gambler's Wife. A Novel, a popular silver fork novel by 'the author of The Young Prima Donna, The Belle of the Familly, The Old Dower House, &c.', who (we now know) is CMG, was issued by Thomas Newby in a typical triple-decker form, probably selling for a guinea and a half. Bibliographic Citation link.
By late 1864 Last of CMG's twenty-one authentic novels was Lion-Hearted, published in two volumes by Sampson Low. Bibliographic Citation link.
19 February 1870 CMG died at the age of seventy-two in Cheltenham; the cause of her death remains unknown. Bibliographic Citation link.
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