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Germaine Greer, scholar and media person, was one of the early and most important voices in the explosion of feminist theory and action in the 1970s. She also worked in journalism and published a satirical gardening column. She has written academic literary history, and monographs of social analysis on a number of burning topics: population control, the status of women, international relations between rich and poor countries, and environmental damage and conservation. Germaine Greer has founded and run a journal devoted to the study of women's writing. Her editorial production includes a ground-breaking anthology of seventeenth-century women's poetry, as well as collected works by individual early female poets, and broader poetry selections. Her book about discovering her father's mysterious past combines biography with autobiography.
29 January 1939 GG was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, eldest of a family which later included a sister and brother, six and eleven years younger. Bibliographic Citation link.
October 1970 GG published The Female Eunuch, the book of feminist analysis that made her famous.  Bibliographic Citation link.
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