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Christian Gray, a labouring-class Scottish poet of the early nineteenth century, wrote in a wide range of genres, from political to religious and autobiographical. Many of her poems are written in Scots, and some are answers to well-known Scots songs. She published two volumes of poems. Her achievement is the more remarkable because she was blind from childhood.
By April 1772 CG was born at Aberdalgie in Perthshire, Scotland, the elder of the only two children in her family who lived to adulthood. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
1821 A second volume of CG's poetry appeared, this time at Perth and entitled A New Selection of Miscellaneous Pieces, in Verse: again her title-page quotes from the third book of Paradise Lost, where Milton laments his blindness. Bibliographic Citation link.
Local historian Peter Robert Drummond, in a book published half a century later, says that CG died "a number of years after" 1827 (which may suggest that this was the date of his visit to her). It leaves her actual death-date quite unclear, but one may surmise that she lived at least until after about 1830. Bibliographic Citation link.
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