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Clotilde Graves, who published from the late nineteenth through the first decades of the twentieth century, wrote short stories, an estimated sixteen plays, and novels. Among her fiction, some of the earlier titles concern themselves with women's issues. Under the masculine pseudonym 'Richard Dehan' she then produced a series of popular historical novels which feature exotic Empire settings, men of action, and extreme emotional situations. Though a website claims she is "best known for her 'humorous novels and stories of witchcraft and pagan religions,'" Bibliographic Citation link. her contemporary fame came from her exotic adventure novels.
3 June 1863 CG was born at the army barracks at Buttevant, County Cork, Ireland; she was the third daughter in the family. Bibliographic Citation link.
1932 In the year of CG's death appeared her latest 'Richard Dehan' book, Dead Pearls, A Novel of the Great Wide West, a sequel to The Sower of the Wind. Bibliographic Citation link.
5 December 1932 CG died in the Convent of Lourdes at Hatch End in Middlesex, to which she had retired after the failure of her health. Bibliographic Citation link.
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