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Catherine Gore wrote during the earlier nineteenth century, for needed cash to help support her family. Bibliographic Citation link. Her publications over more than three decades totalled above 70 titles running to 200 volumes: Bibliographic Citation link. poetry, plays (though not all her eleven plays performed on the London stage were published), tales, and more particularly novels. She also edited a gift book and contributed articles to magazines. Many of her novel titles flag their particular interest for women readers. Many have European (often historical) settings. Those set in London show sharp awareness of its social stratification, the gulf between fashionable and non-fashionable addresses or accessories, the careless arrogance of those at the top, the snobbish, humiliating struggle of those not quite at the top. Many dramatise the conflict between old and new money, in which the central female figure serves as object of symbolic exchange, as 'trophy wife'. A leading 'silver-fork' novelist, Catherine Gore kept up her attention to issues of class after the silver-fork moment ended.
17 February 1798 Catherine Moody (later CG), the youngest of four children, was born, probably in London. She was christened three days later at St James's, Piccadilly. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
By July 1841 CG anonymously published one of her most successful novels, Cecil; or, The Adventures of a Coxcomb. Bibliographic Citation link.
By early June 1858 CG published her final work, Heckington: A Novel. Bibliographic Citation link.
29 January 1861 CG died at Linwood, Lyndhurst, Hampshire. Bibliographic Citation link.
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