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Nadine Gordimer was a South African novelist and short-story writer who bore witness in her work first to the struggle against apartheid, then to the problems and challenges of building an interracial nation. She is widely honoured for her political ideals and integrity. Her topics included the effects of political structures on people (apartheid with its discriminatory labour and strike laws), relations across the colour line, family issues like teenage pregnancy and friction between mother and daughter, and the cultural predicaments left by colonialism.
20 November 1923 NG was born in Springs, East Rand, South Africa. Bibliographic Citation link.
June 1979 NG published another now famous novel, Burger's Daughter, which she describes as "an exploration of inward testimony to revolutionary political dedication." Bibliographic Citation link.  Bibliographic Citation link.
15 March 2012 In a novel entitled No Time Like the Present, NG explored the new, prosperous but uncertain lives of South Africans who were formerly campaigners against apartheid. Bibliographic Citation link.
13 July 2014 NG died in Johannesburg at the age of ninety. Bibliographic Citation link.
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