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Rumer Godden was a popular writer for much of the twentieth century, author of about seventy books: more than twenty novels for adults (some drawing on her own experiences), as well as about the same number of story-books for children, biographies, and several volumes of more or less fictionalised memoirs. Her earliest publications were of poetry; she once spent a whole afternoon writing a poem in her head; Bibliographic Citation link. and she published five poetry collections. She later said, however, that she was not a poet, though on occasion she felt like one.
10 December 1907 RG was born at Eastbourne in Sussex, where her parents were visiting from India. Bibliographic Citation link.
By August 1953 RG published one of her best-known novels, Kingfishers Catch Fire, titled from a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins. Bibliographic Citation link.
By September 1958 RG published another of her best-known novels, The Greengage Summer, a bildungsroman. Bibliographic Citation link.
15 November 1997 Just a year before she died RG published her final novel, Cromartie v. the God Shiva, Acting through the Government of India; it shares part of its setting with the one that preceded it. Bibliographic Citation link.
8 November 1998 RG died in a nursing home in Dumfries, Scotland, after a series of strokes. Bibliographic Citation link.
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