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Anne Hart Gilbert, a woman of colour, is remarkable not only for the leadership role she took in her Caribbean community during the early nineteenth century, but also for her writings. These (unpublished during her lifetime) comprise a letter containing a history of Methodism (and of slavery) on the island of Antigua, a memoir of her husband (apparently intended for publication), and other work still in manuscript. Her surviving writings, in Moira Ferguson's Caribbean anthology, take up 32 pages. Bibliographic Citation link. She destroyed other writings that were religious in nature.
1768 Anne Hart (later AHG) was born in Antigua, the eldest daughter in a large family. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
18 July 1834 AHG died, just one year and two days after her husband. Bibliographic Citation link.
1835 Two years after the death of white Antiguan John Gilbert and one year after that of his coloured wife, AHG, there appeared at Liverpool a Memoir of J. G., to which each contributed a part. Bibliographic Citation link.
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