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Primarily a poet, and by force of circumstances a poet of the Holocaust and the 'Kindertransport', Karen Gershon also published collective biography, autobiography, social history, novels, and translation.
29 August 1923 Kaethe or K├Ąthe Loewenthal (later KG) was born in a flat in Roland Street, Bielefeld, Germany, the youngest of three sisters. Bibliographic Citation link.
Hanukkah 1936 Thirteen-year-old Kaethe Loewenthal (later KG) recited her own poem "Wake up, Jews!" at a children's Hanukkah party, pretending (to save her embarrassment) that it was a text from a book. Bibliographic Citation link.
May 1966 KG's We Came as Children collected the witness of former Jewish child refugees from Nazi Germany and its conquered territories, especially those who came on 'Kindertransport' ships without their parents. Bibliographic Citation link.
24 March 1993 KG died in the London Chest Hospital at Bethnal Green, following a heart by-pass operation. Bibliographic Citation link.
1994 KG's A Lesser Child: An Autobiography, dedicated "For my Family: Past, Present, Future," and prefaced with a quotation from George Santayana, was posthumously published. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
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