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Dorothea Gerard was a novelist and romance-writer whose general conservatism co-existed with a piercing eye for relations across national and ethnic divides, for antisemitism and other forms of prejudice. She was the author, too, of an interesting social study of the pan-European officer class to be found in the Imperial army of Austria. She wrote to please herself: later independently though at first in collaboration with her less prolific elder sister, Emily. She published thirteen titles between 1892 and 1914, almost all of them with Tauchnitz editions, which meant she was aiming at the market of English speakers travelling abroad.
9 August 1855 DG was born at New Monkland in Lanarkshire, Scotland, not far from Glasgow, the youngest but one in a family of seven in which three boys preceded four girls. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
1888 DG's novel Orthodox explored the gulf of separation and mutual hatred separating Jewish communities in Poland from their Christian host society. Bibliographic Citation link.
By early February 1914 DG published her final novel, The Waters of Lethe. Bibliographic Citation link.
29 September 1915 DG died, aged sixty, in Vienna, where she had been living in strict retirement. Bibliographic Citation link.
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