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Maggie Gee's novels are deeply marked by the various threats that dominated the late twentieth century: nuclear damage, global warming, urban disintegration. They often centre on the particular difficulties and dilemmas of women's lives and the way the personal is imbricated with the political. Sometimes Gee explores the same theme in more than one novel; she has once gathered together characters from several earlier novels. She has not abandoned the interest in formal experiment with which she began, even though content may now be the dominant interest in her work. She also writes reviews, stories, plays for radio and television, and other minor genres, and has published an unusually-conceived memoir.
2 November 1948 MG was born at Poole in Dorset, the only girl in a family of three children.  Bibliographic Citation link.
20 March 2002 MG published a novel entitled The White Family, whose name is descriptive or symbolic. Bibliographic Citation link.
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