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Canadian-born Mavis Gallant lived most of her life in Paris, where she wrote hundreds of short stories, two novels, essays, diaries, and a play during the mid to late twentieth century. Her work, which often deals with exile and transience, is known mostly through her lengthy publishing relationship with The New Yorker.
11 August 1922 Mavis de Trafford Young (later Gallant), an only child, was born in Montreal. Bibliographic Citation link. The family lived across from McGill University on Sherbrooke Street and her very young parents had "no deep interest in her." Bibliographic Citation link.
June 1944 According to MG, her first newspaper feature, "Meet Johnny", about a child named Johnny whom she saw living on the streets the summer she was hired on the Montreal Standard, appeared in print. Bibliographic Citation link.   scholarly note link.
13 February 1995 MG published the last of her stories in The New Yorker: "Scarves, Beads, Sandals". A reviewer found her latest stories remarkable in successfully making the leap to a modern world of generations after her birth. Bibliographic Citation link.
18 February 2014 MG died in Paris at the age of ninety-one. Bibliographic Citation link.
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