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The early-eighteenth-century 'remembrances' of Elizabeth Freke were edited in 1913 as a diary, but are regarded by their latest editor as a heterogenous group of two commonplace-books and other papers, together making up a life-story dominated by the pattern of the inventory or stock-taking. These texts are a rich mine of material about Elizabeth Freke's material circumstances and tortured emotional relationships with her husband, son, and others. She began writing out of an autobiographical impulse. She was also, apparently, a poet of unusual skill and forcefulness for an amateur.
1 January 1642 EF was born at Westminster, eldest of five surviving daughters and reputedly her father's favourite. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
Late 1702 EF probably began to set down her earlier set of remembrances: a record of significant events in her life, which developed into a kind of diary, reaching back to her marriage thirty-one years before. Bibliographic Citation link.
15 February 1714 EF wrote the last-dated of her remembrances or diary entries, describing "the dreadfull'st storme and hurrycane of wind for severall howers was ever heard." Bibliographic Citation link.
7 April 1714 EF died in her mid seventies. Bibliographic Citation link.
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