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Pamela Frankau had a dazzling success with her first novel in 1927. She went on to publish more than thirty novels, as well as plays for stage and radio, short stories, autobiography, and an important anti-nuclear pamphlet. Despite several Virago reprints, she has not received the critical attention she deserves.
8 June 1908 PF was born, the younger in a family of two daughters.  Bibliographic Citation link.
By October 1954 PF published A Wreath for the Enemy, a bildungsroman set mostly in the French Riviera and the Cotswolds. Bibliographic Citation link.
8 June 1967 PF died of cancer at not yet sixty; she had been gravely ill since the spring, but her death came much sooner than her friends had expected. Bibliographic Citation link.
By June 1968 PF's final novel, left unfinished at her death, was completed from her manuscript by her cousin Diana Raymond, and published as Colonel Blessington. Bibliographic Citation link.
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