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Anne Francis was both a scholar and a poet. Her four poetry volumes, published during the 1780s, are closely and ambitiously related to the traditions of classical, biblical, and English literature. Her collected volume shows that she wrote across most of the forms and styles then fashionable. During the radical 1790s she took to periodical and broadside publication to bolster the reactionary side of the political divide.
Before 7 April 1738 Anne Gittins (later Anne or Ann Francis), one of two daughters, was born. This was the date of her baptism in the Saxon church at South Stoke in West Sussex, a little village near Arundel. Bibliographic Citation link.
Late 1787 AF changed publishers from Dodsley to Becket when she added to the voices raised in response to Goethe in Charlotte to Werther. A Poetical Epistle. Bibliographic Citation link.
15 August 1798 A political poem by AF appeared at Norwich in the form of a broadside: A Plain Address to my Neighbours, on the model of Hannah More. Bibliographic Citation link.
7 November 1800 AF died, most probably at Edgefield in Norfolk. Bibliographic Citation link.
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