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During her relatively short career in the later nineteenth century, Jessie Fothergill produced fourteen novels, many of which ran to several editions and appeared in Indian and Australian journals, scholarly note link. as well as many essays for periodicals at home. Although she is often classified as a regional writer, her fiction explores and depicts "a self-consciously modern world" Bibliographic Citation link. where issues of class, religion, gender, sexuality, and race are scrutinized and debated. Her work was regularly compared by her contemporaries with that of Elizabeth Gaskell and George Eliot. It is now the subject of increased attention and re-evaluation.
7 June 1851 JF was born at Cheetam Hall in Manchester. Bibliographic Citation link.
1875 JF published her first novel, Healey, A Romance, in three volumes. Bibliographic Citation link.
January-December 1878 JF's most popular and best-known work, The First Violin, was serialised anonymously in Temple Bar. After this it appeared in three volumes with her initials. Later editions carried her name. Bibliographic Citation link.
28 July 1891 Soon after her fortieth birthday, JF died suddenly at Bern in Switzerland on her way home from Italy. Bibliographic Citation link.
1893 JF's last novel, Oriole's Daughter, was published in London in three volumes two years after her death (having appeared at New York the year before). Bibliographic Citation link.
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