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E. M. Forster was a major novelist of the early twentieth century (despite his slender lifetime output of five novels). He was also a short-story writer, an influential critic of fiction, and the author of travel writing, surviving letters, and an opera libretto. He produced a pioneering text of post-colonialism in his final published novel, A Passage to India. After his death he was accorded the status of an activist for the acceptance of homosexual love between men, on the appearance of his polemical, posthumously-published novel Maurice.
1 January 1879 Novelist Edward Morgan Forster was born in London; he was known to his friends as Morgan. Bibliographic Citation link.
August 1904 EMF published his first story, "The Story of a Panic", in the Independent Review, a journal established by G. M. Trevelyan. Bibliographic Citation link.
18 October 1910 EMF published Howards End, a condition-of-England novel about the tensions arising from contrasted class and cultural sensibilities. Bibliographic Citation link.
4 June 1924 EMF published his last and probably best-known novel, A Passage to India, which examines the effects of British imperialism in that country. Bibliographic Citation link.
8 June 1970 EMF, English novelist, died in Coventry. Bibliographic Citation link.
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