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Writing in the later eighteenth century, Charlotte Forman was "a major contributor to the periodical press," with a total that may have reached about 375 of political essays in letter form, averaging something like 1,300 words each. Bibliographic Citation link. She also did an unknown quantity of hack translations, and sent at least ten remarkable personal letters to John Wilkes. She no doubt wrote and published other work which has not been identified.
23 October 1715 CF was born, one of a family of five: she had a sister and three elder brothers. Bibliographic Citation link.
1754 CF penned the earliest that has been identified of the letters, or essays on political subjects, which she contributed to periodicals under the name of 'Probus'. Bibliographic Citation link.
23 December 1787 CF died in the parish of St Bride's, on Fleet Street in London, of unrecorded causes, at the age of seventy-two. Bibliographic Citation link.
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