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Writing during the later eighteenth and the first half of the nineteenth century, EG was an early poet and occasional travel diarist, a lifelong letter-writer, habitual family memoirist, and eventually an autobiographer. Her involvement in political and reformist movements of her day gives much of her writing a strong political interest.
15 January 1770 Eliza Dawson (later EF) was born at Oxton, near Tadcaster, Yorkshire, an only child. Bibliographic Citation link.
15 January 1838 On her sixty-eighth birthday EF began, at the request of her youngest daughter, Mary, to write her autobiography. Bibliographic Citation link.
From about 1848 EF's retrospective autobiographical narrative gives way to intermittent journal entries and letters. Bibliographic Citation link.
5 February 1858 EF died in Edinburgh at eighty-eight, "from the exhaustion of nature." Bibliographic Citation link.
After June 1874 More than a hundred years after her birth, EF's Autobiography (with selected letters) was privately printed at Carlisle by her daughter Mary Richardson. Bibliographic Citation link.
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