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Penelope Fitzgerald was the author of three biographies, a short-story writer, and much admired novelist of the later twentieth century, who began publishing at almost sixty. Apart from one mystery, her eight novels fall into two groups: those of contemporary life, which draw on situations of which she had direct experience, and historical novels which turn a spotlight on some intensely-imagined, precise place and moment in history. A volume of her literary essays and reviews is in print and a volume of letters is expected.
17 December 1916 Penelope Knox (later PF) was born in Lincoln, at the Old Palace. Bibliographic Citation link.
September 1975 PF was nearly sixty when she published her first book, Edward Burne-Jones: A Biography of the Pre-Raphaelite painter. Bibliographic Citation link.
28 April 2000 PF died at the age of eighty-three, after a stroke. Bibliographic Citation link.
16 October 2000 PF's last work was posthumously published: a collection entitled The Means of Escape: Stories. Bibliographic Citation link.
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