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Ann Fisher was remarkable first for getting herself an education above the expectations of her class, and then for publishing (from her position within the later eighteenth-century provincial book trade) an English grammar and dictionary (both firsts for a woman), as well as a pedagogical anthology and works directed at children on English composition and spelling. Her works met with great success and wide circulation.
Shortly before 9 December 1719 AF was born at the village of Oldscale, in the parish of Lorton in Cumberland. Bibliographic Citation link.
29 June 1745 AF's A New Grammar and Spelling Book: Being the Most Easy Guide to Speaking and Writing the English Language Properly and Correctly was advertised as just out at Newcastle. It seems no copy survives. Bibliographic Citation link.
1750 AF's A New Grammar: Being the Most Easy Guide to Speaking and Writing the English Language Correctly appeared anonymously at Newcastle and London in a second edition. No copy of the first, advertised in 1745, is now known. Bibliographic Citation link.
1772 This year appeared the second edition (the first being not known) of another pedagogical work by AF which seems to have been her last: An Accurate New Spelling Dictionary and Complete English Expositor. Bibliographic Citation link.
25 April 1778 AF died in Newcastle of asthma. Bibliographic Citation link.
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