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Celia Fiennes was a remarkable, indeed a unique, travel-writer about her own country. Travelling in the later seventeenth and the early eighteenth century, and writing the account that has come down to us in the latter, she is an immediate (independent instead of employed) predecessor of Daniel Defoe in his role as national surveyor. She was not an influence, however, for her work took a century even to be quoted in print, and longer still to be printed itself.
7 June 1662 CF was born, either at Newton Tony (or Toney) or at Tytherley in Hampshire (her mother's home), which are both near Salisbury. Bibliographic Citation link.
April-December 1702 Internal evidence clearly suggests that CF did the actual writing up of her travels during these months. Bibliographic Citation link.
10 April 1741 CF died at Hackney, just outside London, probably at the home of one of her nieces. Bibliographic Citation link.
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